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Gift Ideas: Moscow Mule Kit – $50

The Tequila Tasting Kit I shared last week was a big hit, but today I am sharing another kit I made for a gift exchange this weekend.  My Moscow Mule Kit included all the ingredients needed for a Classic Moscow Mule: two copper mugs, two ginger beers, two mini vodkas, and 4 limes! I also included a handwritten recipe that is one I have fine tuned for the perfect balance. Tito’s is my personal favorite vodka and it worked so well in this kit with that copper lid!  There are so many ginger beer out there these days, but Crabbie’s is an alcoholic version that is the perfect mix of spicy and sweet. So many of the ones without alcohol are way too sweet or way too spicy!  I did notice a couple more at Total Wine that I haven’t tried yet, so I plan to!

Moscow Mule Kit

I picked up a shallow wood crate from Michaels’ (with a 50% off coupon) and brought it home to sand and stain. The stain is optional, but it really elevated the gift. I chose to use two colors of the crinkled paper to add dimension.

Price Breakdown:

Copper Mugs: $40 (had I planned better, I could have gotten them 20% off)

Ginger Beer: $5

Vodka: $4

Limes: $1

Total: $50

Not included in total: Crate ($3), Crinkle Paper ($2), and the stain and sandpaper which were leftover from an earlier project. Who includes the cost of wrapping into the gift? Not me!

The recipe: The Perfect Moscow Mule

Moscow Mule Recipe

To make a festive Christmas Mule, add a spoonful of your favorite jam before adding the ginger beer!

Check Instagram to see how I wrapped it up: here!

The Perfect Moscow Mule

The Perfect Moscow Mule

Earlier this month, we hosted our Olympics Around-the-World party as the host country of Russia. I did all sorts of research for what our signature drink should be and came up with the obvious: Vodka.  Since that was a bit hardcore for the afternoon, we integrated it into the popular Moscow Mule.  Over the past several months, I have been fiddling with the recipe a bit and I think I finally figured out the perfect one!

Moscow Mule

1/2 ounce lime juice – Must be real limes! Key limes are my personal favorite.

2 ounces of Vodka – Pick your favorite!

5 ounces of Ginger Beer – There are a few good brands, but our favorite is Crabbie’s.

Mint – for garnish

Copper Mug – If you don’t have copper mugs, a chilled glass is a fair alternative. Our mugs are from Crate&Barrel. I love how sleek they are!


Since we were making a big batch, we mixed 12 servings of lime juice and vodka in a pitcher for easy serving (if you do this, just make sure to stir it up before serving). Add the lime juice and vodka mixture to a mug full of ice. Top off with 5 ounces of ginger beer. Stir and garnish with a couple sprigs of mint, a lime wedge, and your favorite straw. Enjoy!