My Top Entertaining Tips

My husband and I love entertaining and throwing parties. We have finally gotten into our groove and came up with some of our best entertaining tips.  Hopefully there are some unique ones here that you haven’t heard before!

entertaining tips

  1. Make it easy for your guests to serve themselves drinks or appetizers.  Consider these ideas: a signature drink in a dispenser, a beverage bin with ice, water, sodas, wine, & beer,  or a bar tray with the supplies they need to shake up their own cocktail.
  2. Have a couple tasks in mind that you would be willing to relinquish for the generous guest who insists on helping. No matter how much you prepare for a gathering in advance, there will always be a few things that need to be done after your guests arrive. I am guilty of being a control freak and wanting things a certain way, so I try to have jobs in mind for those who want to help such as filling water glasses, offering guests drink refills, lighting candles, etc.
  3. My mother taught me that if you have someone who only drinks something like Coors Light or Coca-Cola (or some other drink) then be sure to have that on hand. Same goes with wine. I don’t think you need to get the exact brand of wine they like, but try to get to know your close friends’ and family’s taste.   We always have both red and white wines, some Coors Light, and an assortment of sodas in our bar.
  4. Set up the party at least 1 day in advance. I usually try to set the table a couple of days in advance so I can make changes. I also will lay out the platters I plan to use so I can figure out how to arrange them and what food will go on what platter.  If you are extra ambitious, you can write what food item you plan to use each platter for on a notecard or sticky note. I always buy and arrange the flowers the day before because they will usually have opened up perfectly by the time of the party!
  5. Have a slide show of photos able to be streamed through your tv ready with some festive music playing when your guests walk through the door. I usually start the slideshow and music at least 15 minutes before they arrive (in case we have any early arrivals!)
  6. If you are stressed and overwhelmed, do your best not to show it!

Please feel free to share your best entertaining tips in the comments!

High/Low : Scalloped Dinnerware

Last time I was at Ikea, I noticed some dishes that resembled a set I had seen at Williams-Sonoma. They are remarkably similar even though the photo on Ikea’s website doesn’t show it.  The Ikea dishes might be for you if you are in the market for some new elegant dinnerware, but not willing to spend a ton.  On the other hand, the quality porcelain from Pillivuyt will last you a lifetime. Which would you choose?highlow dishes1. Williams-Sonoma Pillivuyt Queen Anne Porcelain Dinnerware Place Settings  20 Pieces $404 (link)

2. Ikea Arv Dinnerware  16 Pieces $39.99 (link)