25 Days of Christmas Cookies: M&M Cookies

At Christmas time, my mom always has a little bowl of red and green M&Ms.  She has a little more restraint than I do and they seem to last her the whole season.  I bought some this year, but knew as soon as I opened them that they would be gone in less than a week.  Therefore, I chose to make festive M&M cookies instead!

M&M Cookies

The recipe: M&M Cookies

5 days until Christmas, but I have two cookies to make up for. 18 down, 7 to go!

25 Days of Christmas Cookies: Toffee

There is something so addictive about toffee.  I am not sure if its the chocolate, or the caramel, but I am pretty sure it is the crunch! This recipe from DamnDelicious.net is easy and tastes delicious! I sprinkled sea salt flakes on half and I like it both with and without.  Toffee is the perfect treat to pack up in a tin to deliver to the neighbors!


Here’s the recipe: Easy Homemade Toffee


Gift Ideas: Tequila Tasting Kit -$25

My husband and his coworkers held a Secret Santa exchange with a budget of $25.  I knew my husband wouldn’t want to give makeup or something too girly.  When we were brainstorming ideas, he mentioned that his coworker likes tequila.  The obvious here would be to buy her a bottle of tequila and call it a day, but I suggested a tequila tasting kit.  It took a little convincing, but eventually he was on board. He delivered the gift this morning and it sounds like she liked it! This would make a great gift for a White Elephant exchange!

Tequila Tasting Kit - Gifts Under $25

I picked up a shallow wood crate from Michaels’ (with a 50% off coupon) and brought it home to sand and stain.  The stain is optional, but it really elevated the gift.  Now, it can be used in her home or can be re-gifted.  I chose to use two colors of the crinkled paper to add dimension. For the tequila, my husband and I went to Total Wine (the best store ever) and selected 4 silver tequilas.  The tequilas we chose had a wide range in price with full size bottles priced in  the $25-$50 range.  Unfortunately, our favorite tequila wasn’t available in a mini! We also included limes and a small tin of salt.

Price Breakdown:

Tequilas = $22

Limes = $1

Salt = $2

Total = $25

Not included in total: Crate ($3), Crinkle Paper ($2), stain and sandpaper (leftover from previous project)


Check back Monday for more unique gift ideas, including one with a $50 budget.