25 Days of Christmas Cookies: Palmiers

Oh puff pastry…you’ve been holding out on me. I had no idea that such fancy cookies were so easy! Puff pastry is something that I keep in my freezer in case of emergency, like last minute appetizers. Now, I have Palmiers in my repertoire of recipes to make when I have friends coming over.

I originally thought of using a recipe with¬†everything made from scratch, but if pre-made puff pastry is good enough for Ina…well it is certainly for me as well. ¬†I used Ina Garten’s recipe on Food Network and the video was so helpful! I also took a liberty and made the second batch of Palmiers with cinnamon. BOTH are delicious!



Here is the recipe: Ina Garten’s Palmiers

15 down, 10 to go!



  1. Puff Pastry does it again! Beautiful!!

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