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September 2014 - Eventful Studio

High/Low : Scalloped Dinnerware

Last time I was at Ikea, I noticed some dishes that resembled a set I had seen at Williams-Sonoma. They are remarkably similar even though the photo on Ikea’s website doesn’t show it.  The Ikea dishes might be for you if you are in the market for some new elegant dinnerware, but not willing to spend a ton.  On the other hand, the quality porcelain from Pillivuyt will last you a lifetime. Which would you choose?highlow dishes1. Williams-Sonoma Pillivuyt Queen Anne Porcelain Dinnerware Place Settings  20 Pieces $404 (link)

2. Ikea Arv Dinnerware  16 Pieces $39.99 (link)

Must Try App: WhatFont

Ok so it isn’t really an app per se, but it is definitely 100% awesome.  Have you ever wondered what font a website uses?  I do all of the time.  Sometimes I know what one it is, but need to verify that I am right.  I stumbled across this awesome bookmarklet today called WhatFont.  Within 10 seconds, it was installed and telling me what font was being used.  I just had to share it!

Here is a screen grab of it in action on my blog:

Screen grab WhatFont

Then when you click, you get more info:

Screenshot 2014-09-25 13.18.09

Let me know if you check it out in the comments!


30 Before 30: Progress Report

I am 3 months in to my 30 Before 30 list and I thought it was time for an update.

To see the full list: http://eventfulstudio.com/about-me/30-30/ Status as of 9/10/14




9. Bake my own sandwich bread. – I have successfully baked 2 loaves of sandwich bread.  I am not thrilled with the result, but I am going to work on it. I will blog about it once I am close to “mastering” it (wishful thinking)!

10. Master the art of the macaron. – I haven’t attempted the macaron yet, but I have started teaching myself to bake other French pastries! My profiteroles with lemon pastry cream are coming to the blog soon! Here is a sneak peak at my first attempt!

Ok…it was actually my second attempt.

13. Become comfortable hanging wall decor on my own (without my husband!). – Does hanging with washi tape count? I don’t think so. Ok still working on this.


18. Completely organize and declutter our home. – Who was I kidding?!  Our home is finally in a condition that is livable,  but the organization is definitely an ongoing process.

19. Complete at least 5 home projects currently on our list

  • Hang and organize our dining room credenza. – Check!
  • Attached hardware to our garage to add curb appeal. – Check!


23. Visit 30 restaurants that I’ve never been to in Phoenix. – 24 to go!

24. Start a collection. – My husband and I started a cross collection.  We try to get one in each place we go!

27. Complete 30 Random Acts of Kindness. – Two down! I feel these are things I should keep private and not brag about.

I am fairly happy with the progress I have made so far.  Many of the items on my list are more long term things I want to accomplish.  I had to give a status update to hold myself accountable!