Ikea Hack: Expedit Bar with Legs

As many of you know, Ikea recently discontinued the beloved Expedit and reinvented it as the Kallax.  I personally own 3 Expedits and had plans to get the doors and drawers for them to make them more functional, as well as some legs to lift them off the ground.  I have two high gloss white and a high gloss gray and unfortunately they no longer sell the accessories for those anymore.  Such a bummer.  My husband and I also recently acquired a Besta unit.  While shopping for accessories, I stumbled across the legs for the Besta and knew I had to have them for the Expedit.

Expedit with Legs

Our bar in progress.

In order to add the Besta legs to an Expedit, we needed to come up with a hack. The Besta is prepared to have the legs attached, while the Expedit is not.  We used gorilla glue to ensure that the T-nut stayed put while we completed the rest of the work.  Here’s how we did it.


1 Ikea Expedit/Kallax ($65-90)

4 Ikea Besta Legs ($20)

4 T-Nuts


Gorilla Glue

Power Drill

Spade bit


 Drill a small hole where you would like the leg to go.  Keep in mind where the dowels are! Next, ensure that the hole is big enough for the t-nut.  Apply gorilla glue to the t-nut and hammer it in.


We used a spade drill bit to make room for the t-nut so the leg would be flush with the bookcase.  From there, you just follow the instructions on the legs to complete the install!



Of course I wish the legs were a little bit bigger, but these will do just fine for now.  Stay tuned for the shelving we plan to build above the bar.

 Expedit with Legs

Please note that we don’t guarantee anything with this hack.  We definitely don’t recommend putting too much weight on the legs.



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