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Our Olympics Around-the-World Party! - Eventful Studio

Our Olympics Around-the-World Party!

We hosted a party last weekend to celebrate the winter Olympics.  The original plan was to watch some of the events over dinner, but the weather was far too spectacular! We just had to eat outside and enjoy the patio.

This was only the second time entertaining at our new home. Even though many of our friends were out of town, our Christmas party was still a huge success.  If there is anything I need to work on when it comes to entertaining, it is time management.  I try to cram too many tasks into the day of that I end up being left with wrinkled table cloths! Hopefully you can look beyond it! I am still learning how to execute my vision without spending a fortune and using what we already have.

As the hosts of the party and in Olympic fashion, we chose to represent Russia! We made Beef Stroganoff as our signature dish and picked up some Russian Vodka. Since it was 1:00 pm, we chose to make some Moscow Mules rather than drinking straight vodka.  Our friends represented Italy, Mexico, Canada, Greece, Germany, and the Netherlands.  We had a great afternoon!

Some photos to commemorate the day:

The food table set up and ready for our friends to arrive with their foreign dishes!       IMG_2696

I had some fun with the flatware and the candy. I was trying to cram in as many Olympic colors as I could!


Our patio fit one long table for 12 perfectly! We had en eclectic mix of chairs from around the house and a few borrowed.  Our red Adirondack chairs were lined up and ready for cornhole to arrive!


I had ordered some flag toothpicks to help decorate the table, but they didn’t make it in time.  The day before the party I took a cue from my Aunt, Annie, and broke out the watercolors  to paint each flag.  The ones with stripes were easy, but Canada had me with that darn maple leaf in the center! Greece was pretty challenging too.


Of course, everything looks better with the Waterlogue app! Almost makes the wrinkles in the tablecloths look charming!

Painted in Waterlogue

After lunch, we enjoyed some good ol’ fashioned American cornhole! Jeff and I …excuse me Vladimir and Sveltana :) , decked out in our Russian colors.


Next week, I will be sharing my recipe for the perfect Moscow Mule and what I am calling the Gold Medal Sparkler!



  1. Courtney,
    This is so cute! So many fun details! I love your backyard! Beautiful!!


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