Hometown Fav: SAS Fabrics

This place is unlike any place I have ever been.  There is fabric and ribbon everywhere! Most of the fabric isn’t the type I care to purchase, but there are some gems. It is the prices that make this place so awesome!  I used to come here in high school to buy ribbons to tie bows in my hair. Now, I just hoard DIY projects.

photo 5

photo 3

The ribbon prices start at 10 cent per yard.  I am always on the hunt for some grosgrain ribbon, a personal fav.

photo 2

This amazing hot pink velvet ribbon was $1.49 a yard and I have some plans for this!

photo 3(1)

I didn’t buy any of these, but some of them may look familiar from Etsy. That one in the middle with shades of green and red is on a chair at Crate and Barrel!

photo 2(1)

All different kinds of burlap starting at $1.99 a yard.

photo 1(1)

I loved this check fabric! I wish I had gotten some because I have a plan for it!

photo 4

Checking out with my ribbon. Not tons to choose from today,but I still got some good stuff.

photo 1

Just some of the fabric I ended up with!  I have some projects in the works and I hope to get them started soon.

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