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March 2013 - Eventful Studio

Hometown Fav: SAS Fabrics

This place is unlike any place I have ever been.  There is fabric and ribbon everywhere! Most of the fabric isn’t the type I care to purchase, but there are some gems. It is the prices that make this place so awesome!  I used to come here in high school to buy ribbons to tie bows in my hair. Now, I just hoard DIY projects.

photo 5

photo 3

The ribbon prices start at 10 cent per yard.  I am always on the hunt for some grosgrain ribbon, a personal fav.

photo 2

This amazing hot pink velvet ribbon was $1.49 a yard and I have some plans for this!

photo 3(1)

I didn’t buy any of these, but some of them may look familiar from Etsy. That one in the middle with shades of green and red is on a chair at Crate and Barrel!

photo 2(1)

All different kinds of burlap starting at $1.99 a yard.

photo 1(1)

I loved this check fabric! I wish I had gotten some because I have a plan for it!

photo 4

Checking out with my ribbon. Not tons to choose from today,but I still got some good stuff.

photo 1

Just some of the fabric I ended up with!  I have some projects in the works and I hope to get them started soon.

Until next time,


Hometown Fav: UNION

photo 5

Sunday afternoon, Jeff and I had some time to waste after meeting some friends for lunch. It was a nice, but overcast day and I wanted to go explore. I’ve been meaning to go to UNION since it opened in November.  I don’t really have a good excuse for why I haven’t, but I am so glad that I finally did.  UNION is essentially a collection of small boutiques within one big boutique.  I didn’t catch the exact number of shops, but it is around 18 or so. They all seem so carefully curated and that is what I enjoyed most about my shopping experience.  I’ve selected some of my favorite snapshots to share with you below!

photo 1(2)

I just loved these bike bells from British Bicycle Company.  I wish the rose gold bell would go with my bright blue and yellow bike.

photo 2(4)

How fun is that? Great way to bring a bottle of wine to a friend’s house for dinner!

photo 1(1)

The light fixture above and the pendants below are from Paris Envy. The gentleman working told me that he handmade all of these amazing light fixtures.  At the time, I didn’t catch his name but after exploring their site I found it! Jason Moore. He said that he could do custom fixtures as well. Keeping that one in my back pocket for when we buy a house!

photo 4

photo 3(3)

I didn’t have a use for these iron numbers today, but I am keeping them in mind because I know I will be back!

photo 4(1)

Some of the display at smeeks. This is where we found the delightful caramels in the photo at the end. :)

photo 3(2)

The marquee instantly grabbed my eye.


These notecards from frances might just make their way into frames rather than the mailbox.

photo 3(1)

Some treats for later from smeeks. I love anything with sea salt!

Until next time,